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                    Special PU Timing Belt with Holes

                    Product introduction


                    1. PU (polyurethane)

                    Reinforce rib type: steelwire, polyester rope, glass fiber

                    Advantages: perfectperformance of oil-resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance, suitableto medium & small power but high speed rotation working conditions, workingtemperature range from -20---- 80 degree.

                    2. rubber

                    Reinforce rib type: steelwire, polyester rope, glass fiber

                    Advantages: watersolution resistance, heat resistance and shocking resistance, suitable to largepower range especially for high power conditions, working temperature rangefrom -30---- 130 degree.

                    Teeth type

                    A.Square tooth(MXL,XL,L,H,XH,XXH)

                    B. T-tooth(TN10,TN15,T2.5,T5/AT5,T10/AT10,T20/AT20)

                    C. HTD(2M/2GT,3M/3GT,5M/5GT,8M/8YU,14M,20M)

                    D. STPD/STS(S2M,S5M,S8M,S14M)

                    E.  RPP(P2M,P3M,P5M,P8M,P14M)

                    G. POLYCHAIN (PC8M, PC14M)

                    SPECIAL TYPE:

                    Double sides tooth belt

                    Belt with block

                    Hole belt