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                    No.380,Renmin West Road ,HuDai Town, WuXi City,,JiangSu,China
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                    cast aluminum timing pulley

                    Product introduction

                    Our supply scope:
                    A: square shape tooth  (MXL\XL\L\H\XH\XXH\SL\ modules belt)
                    B: T tooth (T2.5\T5\AT5\T10\AT10\T20\AT20)
                    C: HTD circle-arctooth (2M\3M\3GT\5M\5GT\8M\8YU\8MGT\14M\14MGT\20M)
                    D: STPD/STS: semi-circle-arc tooth (S3M\S4.5M\S5M\S8M\S14M)
                    E: sag peak tooth RPP (P3M\P5M\P8M\P14M)
                    F:other (POLYCHAIN-8MGT/14MGT, double helical tooth)
                    Applications :
                    ?Engineering : Machine Tools, FoundryEquipments, Conveyors, Compressors, Painting systems etc.
                    ?Pharmaceuticals & Food Processing : PulpMill Blowers, Conveyor in warehouse, Agitators, Grain, Boiler, Bakery Machine,Labeling Machine, Robots etc.
                    ?Agriculture Industries : Cultivator,Rice Winnower Tractor, Harvester, Harvester, Rice Planter etc
                    ?Textile Mills : Looms, Spinning, Wrappers,High-speed auto looms, Processing machine, Twister, Carding machine. Rulercalendar machine high speed winder etc.
                    ?Printing Machinery : Newspaper press, Rotary machine, Embossing, Screen Printer Machine, Linotypemachine offset printer etc.
                    ?Paper Industries : Chipperroll grinder, Cut off saw, Edgers, Flotation cell and chips saws etc.
                    ?Building Construction Machinery : Buffers,Elevator Floor polisher mixing machine, vibrator, Hoists, Crusher etc.
                    ?Office Equipments : Typewriter,Plotters, Camera, Money drive, Money Sorting machine, Data storage equipmentetc.
                    ?Glass and plastic Industries : Conveyor,Carton Sealers, Grinders, Creeper paper manufacturing machine, Lintec backingetc.
                    ?Home Appliances : Vacuum cleaner, Laundrymachine, Ice-cream machine, Sewing Machine, Kitchen equipments etc.