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                    No.380,Renmin West Road ,HuDai Town, WuXi City,,JiangSu,China
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                      Wuxi HaiShiDe Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Locates in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.
                      We are researching, developing, and fabricating all kinds of precision transmission accessories which including Synchronous Pulley, V Belt-wheel, gear, Sprocket Wheel, Coupling, Transmission Shaft and so on. At the meantime, we technically cooperate with famous Drive Belts manufacturers (such as  GATES \BANDO \MITSUBOSHI \OPT\MEGADYNE) and Bearing manufacturers (such as NSK\SKF). Our products are widely used inindustrialTools, Textile Machinery, chemical processing machinery, glass processing machinery, printing equipments, cable producing machinery, food packing equipments, petrol processing machinery and garden power tools.We have experienced teams for R&D and for after-sale service. We have international advanced manufacturing equipments and advanced measuring and testing tools.
                      “Customer First, Credit management” is our persuits. We have gained a lot of customs by better quality and faster service. We are expecting to cooperate with more customs and friends.